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Airco Heating & Cooling Precision Tune-Ups are a great way to get your heating and cooling systems in top condition for the coming season. If your system is less than 10 years old, chances are a Tune-Up is all you need to keep it operating in top condition. During your preventative maintenance provided by Airco Heating & Cooling, we will check the following 20 points:

Heating Furnace Check Points:

  1. Check heat exchanger for cracks
  2. Check and clean heat exchanger
  3. Check all motors and lubricate as necessary
  4. Check the pilot and clean it
  5. Check the thermocouple and replace as necessary
  6. Check the flame sensor and ignitor
  7. Check electrical connections
  8. Check for natural gas leaks in the unit
  9. Check the temperature rise
  10. Check all flue pipe for correct venting
  11. Check the blower motor for proper speed and rotation
  12. Check the filter and replace as necessary
  13. Check the thermostat and adjust as necessary
  14. Check the micro amps on all flame rectifying systems
  15. Check all burners for proper burning and alignment - clean all burners
  16. Check the belts and replace as necessary
  17. Check fan safeties and temperature safeties
  18. Check gas safeties and gas shut off valve
  19. Check the voltage and amperage draw as necessary
  20. Check the gas pressure as necessary

Air Conditioning Check Points:

Outside Unit:

  1. Wash air conditioner with a liquid cleaning solution (water alone will not clean out the coil, which is one to two inches thick).
  2. Check condenser fan motor
  3. Check contactor - replace as
  4. Check condenser coil for visual leaks and efficiency
  5. Check and lubricate all necessary components
  6. Check to make sure the unit is level - to avoid severe damage to the unit
  7. Check fuses and disconnect box
  8. Check refrigerant level to help determine if there is a leak
  9. Check both suction and discharge pressures
  10. Check compressor for proper and efficient cooling capabilities
  11. Check safety controls
  12. Check electrical connections and wiring
  13. Check copper tubing for kinks or improper insulation
  14. Check voltage and amperage draw on components

Inside Unit:

  1. Check blower motor in furnace
  2. Check air filter
  3. Check condensate drain for restrictions and leaks
  4. Check the temperature difference between supply and return air
  5. Check thermostat for proper adjustment

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